A great big THANK YOU to all who supported and voted

Dear Friends,

I am wrung out and recovering from the last campaign push before the election, and even though I did not win the people’s seat in Albany we made a surprising showing.  While Tom Vendittelli only received ~1%, his returns were above average for a congressional race.  I managed 7%, and Danny Panzella managed 8%.  While these numbers may seem small, consider that it was a midterm election, Danny and I spent a tiny fraction of what our opponents did, we only had four months to plan and execute our campaigns, but we still managed to get ten times the returns that Libertarians normally do.

Because of this, myself and my friends do not count this as a loss for me or my party, but rather as a victory for Liberty.  Before any of us in the nascent Staten Island Libertarian Party started our campaigns, we knew our chances were slim, but we decided that the true victory would be giving ourselves the excuse to meet people from all walks of life on Staten Island, and spread the message of personal Liberty, sound money, restoration of free markets, personal responsibility, and government transparency.

Before the fruits of change can be tasted, the seeds must be planted and nurtured.  By our estimates, by the time we were done with our campaigns, at least 25,000 people had heard our message.

That’s a LOT of seeds – And we did it in only four months.  Look for many more good things as we move ahead.

Yours in Liberty,

Dave Narby

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