Guardian Angels are coming to Staten Island

In response to a recent attack on a 20 year resident of Staten Island, the Guardian Angels are sending members to patrol Port Richmond.

Staten Island Dump: Guardian Angels are coming to Staten Island.

I applaud the Guardian Angels in their effort to increase security to the residents of the North Shore.

We have many serious issues to deal with during this new Great Depression, the last thing we need to do is fight amongst ourselves.  While illegal immigration is an issue which must be dealt with, such violence against anyone, for any reason is completely unacceptable.

With any luck, their high visibility will help raise awareness of the need for communities to come together during these stressful times.

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One Response to Guardian Angels are coming to Staten Island

  1. I love the Guardian Angels and Curtis Sliwa as much as every other red-blooded New Yorker. :) They are a great example of what communities can do when they rely on each other, rather than government, to solve local problems.

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