A great big THANK YOU to all who supported and voted

Dear Friends,

I am wrung out and recovering from the last campaign push before the election, and even though I did not win the people’s seat in Albany we made a surprising showing.  While Tom Vendittelli only received ~1%, his returns were above average for a congressional race.  I managed 7%, and Danny Panzella managed 8%.  While these numbers may seem small, consider that it was a midterm election, Danny and I spent a tiny fraction of what our opponents did, we only had four months to plan and execute our campaigns, but we still managed to get ten times the returns that Libertarians normally do.

Because of this, myself and my friends do not count this as a loss for me or my party, but rather as a victory for Liberty.  Before any of us in the nascent Staten Island Libertarian Party started our campaigns, we knew our chances were slim, but we decided that the true victory would be giving ourselves the excuse to meet people from all walks of life on Staten Island, and spread the message of personal Liberty, sound money, restoration of free markets, personal responsibility, and government transparency.

Before the fruits of change can be tasted, the seeds must be planted and nurtured.  By our estimates, by the time we were done with our campaigns, at least 25,000 people had heard our message.

That’s a LOT of seeds – And we did it in only four months.  Look for many more good things as we move ahead.

Yours in Liberty,

Dave Narby

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Congratulations to Mr. Titone

We congratulate the Assemblyman Mr. Titone for his win in the election on Tuesday.

He ran a clean campaign and was always cordial and a gentleman.

We wish him well, and sincerely hope that in the days ahead he is able to help New York’s government to face the many challenges ahead of us.

-Dave Narby

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Expected Returns: State Handouts Accelerating, New York Fiscal Black Hole Showing

One of the blogs I follow made an excellent post on New York State’s coming fiscal catastrophe:


Expected Returns: State Handouts Accelerating, New York Fiscal Black Hole Showing.

The unstoppable fiscal train wreck of states is coming to a head.  Without the wherewithal to turn their budgets around, states are turning to the bankrupt federal government for assistance. Rest assured, this is only the beginning. From the WSJ, State Set for Boon in Aid:
New York finally got some good news from Congress on Wednesday when the Senate pushed forward $2.6 billion in aid for the state, after two months of lost votes on the issue threatened to blow big holes in local and state budgets.
Just a day earlier, Albany lawmakers had approved a contingency plan to impose spending cuts if the federal money didn’t arrive. Both Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. David Paterson had warned that without the funds, layoffs would be likely.
The measure would provide about $2 billion in health-care payments to the state, roughly $530 million of which would go to New York City. It also provides about $600 million in statewide education funding, which supporters say will save an estimated 7,100 teacher jobs.
If you follow the budget crisis in New York and negotiations with unions, you know that it’s one big farce. Teachers in New York City who have come to expect annual 4% pay raises are apparently making huge “sacrifices” by accepting only 3.3% salary increases based on seniority. Is it just me or is there a huge disconnect between the public and private sector? Nonetheless, there will eventually be an implosion in states’ budgets followed by drastic public sector cuts when the federal bond bubble pops.
Whenever you artificially create a bubble, the inevitable contraction leaves behind a swath of destruction. The real estate bubble created job growth that was concentrated in the housing sector. When the bubble popped, most housing sector jobs disappeared. We currently have a historic bubble in the public sector that will eventually pop. This will have deep ramifications in the years ahead.
I believe the worst isn’t over for New York, and one of the key reasons is real estate. In the chart below, you’ll notice that California and New York, states with two of the bigger fiscal black holes, both experienced relatively muted housing declines. This has kept revenue via property tax collections relatively stable. Remember, everything hinges on real estate. Municipalities cannot support a further 10% decline in real estate, which is something I fully expect.
After two months of setbacks, Senate Democrats were able to persuade two Maine Republicans to support it, giving them the votes necessary to overcome a GOP filibuster. One of those senators, Olympia Snowe, warned that this would be the last batch of aid for states.
“The states are becoming completely dependent on us,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who opposed the bill. “When does it end?”
Mr. Bloomberg called the expected aid “a significant measure of relief,” though the mayor warned that even with the funds, the city faces a projected $3.3 billion deficit next year
There is no way this is the end of bailouts for municipalities. This insidious form of quantitative easing will have consequences. There is no free lunch.
It is gross irresponsibility such as this that caused me to include forming an emergency plan in case of a (further) financial crash in my platform.  It is astounding to me that the legislators and bureaucrats  in Albany and New York City cannot see what is coming.
When elected, I will do what I can to get them out in front of this issue.  If that fails, I have  emergency plans to help the people of Staten Island that don’t include Albany or New York City – because if we do what the politicians are doing (waiting & hoping for the federal government to save  them), we are going to be in the same boat as the people of New Orleans were when Katrina smashed into them.
With the current crop of politicians in Albany and Washington, it clearly is going to get worse before it gets better.  I urge all community leaders to gather their members and prepare.  We will need to come together as a community and help our neighbors in the times ahead.
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First signature as a newlywed on *my petition* : D

This was the highlight of my day yesterday!  (Please forgive the camerawork and quality on this clip, I’ll be experimenting to improve it, but at least I captured the moment ).

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Guardian Angels are coming to Staten Island

In response to a recent attack on a 20 year resident of Staten Island, the Guardian Angels are sending members to patrol Port Richmond.

Staten Island Dump: Guardian Angels are coming to Staten Island.

I applaud the Guardian Angels in their effort to increase security to the residents of the North Shore.

We have many serious issues to deal with during this new Great Depression, the last thing we need to do is fight amongst ourselves.  While illegal immigration is an issue which must be dealt with, such violence against anyone, for any reason is completely unacceptable.

With any luck, their high visibility will help raise awareness of the need for communities to come together during these stressful times.

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First, thank you for taking the time to visit this site! I appreciate your interest in our democratic process and in lighting the fire of Liberty.

This website is still being formed, so I am in the process of adding content and finalizing the style, so please excuse the construction.

In the meantime, here is an outline of part of my platform.  I have many more ideas for reforming our state government, this is just a start.


1.) Jobs

–Create a New York State charter bank like North Dakota’s to give New Yorkers an opportunity for banking profits to be re-invested in their community.

–Meet with local businesses to find out what legislation should be removed to help them do business and be able to take on more workers.

– Create an emergency currency plan to be put into use in the event of a financial crash.

–Petition the Federal Government as an elected state representative to audit the Fed and restore sound money for America.

2.) The Budget

–Amazingly, the legislators in Albany never seem to be able to pass a budget on time, and never seem to be able to balance it without going deeper into debt. Evidently this is very hard work. To help them out, I have created a plan to make their job simple and easy.

–I will set up a website and use “crowdsourcing” to let the people of New York State determine which items in the budget they think should be cut, and in what order.

–Once the people of New York have expressed their preference on what stays and what goes, the legislatures will have no excuse not to pass the budget, since the people will have done their job for them. All they have to do is sign.

3.) Taxation

–Simplify New York State’s personal and business tax code to reduce the time and energy spent complying with taxes, and to reduce government’s distortion of the marketplace.

–In the event that the Federal Government cannot implement a stable currency system, introduce a a graduated flat tax and/or consumption tax. The reason it needs to be graduated is to compensate for the “hidden tax” imposed by the constant devaluation via inflation of our current fiat currency by corrupt government and feckless bankers. This hidden tax is incredibly regressive, and affects the lowest in the economic strata the most.

–Put all government services up for private bidding.

–Create a “hand’s-off surplus fund” so that when good times return, money can be held in reserve, saved and invested so that NYS can deploy those funds when the inevitable economic downturn happens.

–If the crowdsourcing of the budget isn’t sufficient to balance it, I will preserve government jobs by instead cutting wages across the board, 10-20-30 (10% for direct service providers, 20% if you spend less than half your time dealing with the pubic directly, and 30% if you are a legislator and created this mess).

–Freeze pension raises, raise pension age limits, set pensions according to total hours worked over the entire career (as opposed to the last year worked, to stop “overtime stuffing” of pensions), enact legislation to tax abusive pension payouts.

–Re-task government accountability agents (and if we do not have them, create these positions, using existing government workers) to verify that workers are being productive. Eliminate workers that are not performing. Government workers simply must be providing essential services and be productive in their work for NYS.

–Reassess property taxes annually to reflect the accurate market value, or do away with them completely.

4.) Education

–Allow schools to expel disruptive students or remove them to special schools. Education is a privilege, not a right, and teachers do not take the place of parents.

–Introduce a voucher system to combat waste and ineffective education. Each student’s family is given a voucher, and if the student doesn’t pass, they school doesn’t get paid.

–Eliminate teacher’s union’s “rubber rooms” where teachers who are being disciplined sit and watch TV all day while receiving full pay. If you’re a bad teacher (or worse, a criminal who abuses kids), you will be fired and lose your pension.

–Work with dedicated educators and administrators to modernize our education system using charter schools, the principles of great educators such as Marva Collins, and systems such as the Sudbury School.

–In the event that the teacher’s union will not accept the necessary changes, create a voucher and school tax rebate program so that parents can choose how their child’s education dollars are spent.

–Include study of the United States Constitution, the New York State Constitution, and monetary theory in high school curriculum.

5.) Revitalizing industry and manufacturing

–Clear the legislative way to remove barriers to job and business creation.

–Clear the legislative way to allow “Run of River” hydro systems in the Adirondacks, Catskills, and where ever else it’s practical.

–Bring NYS’s two mothballed nuclear power plants back online with thorium power. Compared to conventional nuclear power, Thorium is vastly cleaner, safer and abundant. This clean, cheap power can be used (in combination with removal of anti-business legislation) to revitalize NY’s manufacturing.

–Money to convert and activate the plants can be obtained by approaching venture capital with the profits from a percentage of future power production (the money to pay back the loan to start the plants is secured by those plant’s power production).

6.) State’s rights vs. the Federal Government

–Invoke New York State’s 10th amendment right wherever the Federal Government has intruded in the people’s right to live in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. (E.g. Medical Marijuana).

–If the Federal Government decides to exert it’s power by punishing New Yorkers through withholding their tax dollars, New York State should begin the process of secession until the Federal Government relents or New York State secedes.

7.) Police quotas & fines

–Law enforcement should never be used for revenue generation. It demeans the police officer, leads to corruption, and puts police in danger by reducing the respect they need from the public. Introduce legislation to bring harsh penalties on any politician who implicitly or explicitly requires law enforcement to act as a revenue generating mechanism.

–Any violation of the law which does not involve “ill gotten gains” (e.g. theft or fraud, dealing in contraband, etc.) should not invoke a monetary fine. When someone is fined for a traffic infraction, it is in essence a regressive tax.

8.) Gay Marriage

–Simply put, marriage is the domain of the church, and civil unions the domain of the state.

–Under the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause (the “separation of church and state”), the state shouldn’t be marrying *anyone*, it should only be in the business of creating civil unions (which are essentially a special form of business partnership between two people).

–Under the Equal Protection clause, the state cannot deny any two people a civil union for any reason.

9.) Transportation

– If the DOT will not provide Staten Island with transportation services, then barriers to private transportation services (cronyism in the City Council preventing private transportation licenses) must be removed. The MTA does not, and never should have a monopoly on public transportation, and if they will not service our borough, then our neighbors should be allowed to provide that service.

10.) Term Limits

– I will introduce legislation to limit state senators and assemblymen to three terms. I self impose 3 terms regardless. I intend to get in, fix what I can, and get out while I still have my principles.

11.) Health Care

– Invoke NYS’s 10th amendment rights and nullify the federal government’s constitutionally illegal National Health Care Plan for so that it no longer affects New Yorkers.

– Allow people to buy insurance from out of state. If New Yorkers can purchase health care more affordably outside the state, it is not the state’s right to interfere.

11.) Over-legislation

– We need one last new expansion of the law:  One law in, three laws out. Government works best when it has a few well written laws that are justly enforced. When there are so many laws it would fill a room, it become impossible to do this. Any new law must be balanced by three old laws leaving. This will prevent the endless expansion of our state legal code and help reduce it to a manageable size.


Again, this is just the first draft of what will become a more complete platform as time goes on. I welcome citizens to send me their own ideas on how we can improve New York State by reducing the intrusion of government and allowing the initiative of people to make a difference. Please email me at dave.narby@StatenIslandLP.org with your suggestions!

Yours in Liberty,

Dave Narby

Staten Island, NY

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Out petitioning – More coming tonight!

Dear All,

Thanks for visiting my website!  At this very moment, I am at VanDuzer Days petitioning to get on the ballot.  Later this evening I will have some information up on my candidacy.  For the moment, however, please visit http://www.statenislandlp.org/2010-candidates/dave-narby/ for a bit of information on me, and please check out the rest of that site for more information on our platform, and our drive to restore Liberty to New York  State and the country.

Yours always,

Dave Narby

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